Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marina skin line and make ups collection

Marina skin line is out!

Fifth skin generation for 2011, Marina.
It is available in 7 tones: milk, porcelain, pale, peach, sunkiss, tan, and dark. It comes with a base + 11 different ready made up skins.

Each skin comes with: 4 different eyebrows. black, blonde, brown and red in 3 styles
4 different hair bases in same shades.
cleavage optional on tattoo and clothing layers,
alpha layer to cover up default lashes
pubic hair in different tones from light to dark on 2 layers
with and without hairbase

make ups collection

In addition to the above skins, you can now totally customize your Baiastice skin with hundreds of tattoo layers (sold separately)for v2 compatible viewers. There are over 60 different luscious lipsticks available in sets, over 50 different eye shadows—from subtle to glamorous, smoky-eyed to glittered—in sets, 12 blushes in soft and hard, eyeliners with and without lashes, eyebrows, and even 4 shades of teeth for that slightly open mouth look.

There are now thousands of combinations to make your avatar totally unique and beautifully made up. Mixing and matching from one to many tattoo layers over your new Marina skin. You are now in full control of changing your makeup to fit your mood, available to make that fabulous face that will be remembered by everyone. Come to the newly remodeled Baiastice Beauty store where you will find a special makeup collection gift and try on your new makeups!