Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cinema 2012 - New releases

Hello everyone,

Baiastice is participating in Cinema (13-10-2012 until 27-10-2012) with new exclusive releases for the event organized by the Hottie Cooteratti experience.

"My heroine was wearing an orange, double-breasted trench coat and  a brown hat. I could feel her anxiousness in waves through the glass. Was she waiting for someone? A bus slowly rumbled into view. The doors swung open and a man wearing a dark suit, black fedora and holding a single daisy appeared in the frame..."

- Edy Mesh Coat

Mesh rigged trench style coat available in ten regular color and four tweed fabrics. In five standard sizes with available demos.

- Edy Mesh Hat

British wide-brimmed fedora featuring a black ribbon trim fastened with a gold buckle, modifiable and resizable in ten regular color and four tweed fabrics.

Read more on website: hottiecooterati

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